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Various - DB Jams Volume 6 mp3

Various - DB Jams Volume 6 mp3 Performer: Various
Title: DB Jams Volume 6
Style: Technical, Speech
Category: Hip-hop & Rap / Audio Files
Date of release: 2003
Country: US
Label: Not On Label (dB Drag Racing Self-released)
Size MP3: 2547 mb
Size FLAC: 1724 mb
Rating: 4.0


1No Artist62 Hz Tone Burst0:30
2No Artist67 Hz Tone Burst0:30
3No Artist53 Hz0:30
4No Artist47 Hz0:30
5No Artist60 Hz0:30
6 Sweeps
7No Artist66 Hz Tone Burst0:30
8No Artist70-60 Hz Sweep0:30
9No Artist55 Hz0:30
10 Pink Noise
11No Artist28 Hz0:30
12No Artist63 Hz0:30
13No Artist68 Hz Tone Burst0:30
14No Artist57 Hz Tone Burst0:30
15No Artist67 Hz0:30
16No Artist29 Hz0:30
17No Artist21 Hz0:30
18DJ Billy EKickin' Wit A Beat4:03
19No Artist48 Hz0:30
20No Artist24 Hz0:30
21No Artist37 Hz0:30
22No Artist40-30 Hz Sweep0:30
23No Artist26 Hz0:30
24No Artist33 Hz0:30
25No Artist54 Hz Tone Burst0:30
26No Artist52 Hz Tone Burst0:30
27DJ E ReddiBassic4:21
28No Artist22 Hz0:30
29No Artist59 Hz0:30
30No Artist69 Hz0:30
31No Artist20 Hz0:30
32No Artist20-40 Hz Sweep0:30
33No Artist51 Hz0:30
34No Artist80 Hz0:30
35 Intro & Music
36No Artist49 Hz0:30
37No Artist58 Hz0:30
38No Artist68 Hz0:30
39No Artist23 Hz0:30
40 Sine Waves
41No Artist57 Hz0:30
42No Artist53 Hz Tone Burst0:30
43No Artist70 Hz0:30
44No Artist36 Hz0:30
45No Artist71 Hz0:30
46No Artist43 Hz0:30
47No Artist77 Hz0:30
48No Artist64 Hz0:30
49No Artist60-50 Hz Sweep0:30
50No Artist42 Hz0:30
51No Artist54 Hz0:30
52No Artist35 Hz0:30
53No Artist80-70 Hz Sweep0:30
54No Artist38 Hz0:30
55No Artist64 Hz Tone Burst0:30
56No Artist75-65 Hz Sweep0:30
57No Artist73 Hz0:30
58No Artist30 Hz0:30
59No Artist75 Hz0:30
60No Artist63 Hz Tone Burst0:30
61No Artist27 Hz0:30
62No Artist52 Hz0:30
63No Artist55 Hz Tone Burst0:30
64No Artist59 Hz Tone Burst0:30
65No Artist56 Hz Tone Burst0:30
66No Artist61 Hz Tone Burst0:30
67No Artist31 Hz0:30
68No Artist58 Hz Tone Burst0:30
69No Artist61 Hz0:30
70No Artist41 Hz0:30
71No Artist72 Hz0:30
72No Artist51 Hz Tone Burst0:30
73No Artist66 Hz0:30
74No Artist44 Hz0:30
75No Artist46 Hz0:30
76No ArtistFull Banwidth Pink Noise5:00
77No Artist65 Hz0:30
78No Artist30-60 Hz Sweep0:30
79DJ Billy ETransformed4:00
80No Artist35-25 Hz Sweep0:30
81No Artist50-40 Hz Sweep0:30
82No Artist40 Hz0:30
83Bass MekanikIntro0:07
84No Artist45-35 Hz Sweep0:30
85No Artist50 Hz0:30
86 Tone Bursts
87No Artist35-70 Hz Sweep0:30
88No Artist76 Hz0:30
89No Artist62 Hz0:30
90No Artist56 Hz0:30
91No Artist74 Hz0:30
92No Artist40-80 Hz Sweep0:30
93No Artist32 Hz0:30
94No Artist30-20 Hz Sweep0:30
95No Artist45 Hz0:30
96No Artist65 Hz Tone Burst0:30
97No Artist60 Hz Tone Burst0:30
98No Artist25 Hz0:30
99No Artist34 Hz0:30
100No Artist65-55 Hz Sweep0:30
101No Artist39 Hz0:30
102No Artist78 Hz0:30
103No Artist55-45 Hz Sweep0:30
104No Artist79 Hz0:30


Official DB Drag Racing Competition CD
This CD contains the dB Drag Racing Rulebook and Term-Lab Client software.

Tacks 1-4 courtesy of Bass Mekanik Records.
Total Playing Time: 68:41

- Triple, Octave Sweeps - Tracks 16 through 19 consist of 1-octave sweeps recorded at 10 dB level. The sweeps will be repeated 3 times per track beginning at track times 5, 15 and 25 seconds. Each sweep is 5 seconds in duration.
- Tracks 81 through 98: each contain three 2-second tone bursts starting at 5 (sine), 15 (50% clipped), and 25 (square) seconds.

Issued in a slimline jewel case.