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Alan Watts - You’re It! mp3 Performer: Alan Watts
Title: You’re It!
Style: Education, Audiobook
Category: Audio Files
Date of release: 2009
Country: US
Label: Sounds True
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2Chinese ceramics
3What is the ultimate reality?
4 Session Five. The Art of Controlled Accident, Part One, continued 68:38
5The mystical experience
6 Session Six. Uncarved Block, Unbleached Silk
7The third Noble Truth
8The differences between Hinduism and Buddhism
9What if you were God?
10Your life as a manifestation of the divine
11The gaiety of Hindu sages
12The natural and the artificial
13 Session Eleven. An Introduction to Buddhism
14 Session Fifteen. Not What Should Be, Not What Might Be, But What Is!
15The difficulties of controlling the mind
16The sensation of feeling separate
17The folly of doing what's "right"
18The insoluble problem
19The Five Precepts and the Three Refuges
21 Session Fourteen. What Is Reality?, continued 77:12
22The priestly and mystic traditions
23 Session Two. Mysticism and Morality
24How to get out of your own way
25Holding to the middle
26What is physical reality?
27Trying to do what cannot be done
28The fully automatic vision of the world
29The two kinds of philosophy
30Can one side ever win?
31 Session Three. The Game of Yes and No
32The Zen training method
33 Session Five. The Art of Controlled Accident, Part One
34The I-Ching
35How to study Zen
36 Session Eight. Oriental Philosophy in the West, Part One
37The Hindu measurement of time
39Fear of the negative
40Do you know what you want?
41 Session Thirteen. Mind over Mind 75:49
42Our role vs. our identity
43The folly of self-improvement
44The balance of order and randomness
45 Session Twelve. The Veil of Thoughts 73:19
46The limitations of human intelligence
48The difficulty of seeing both sides
49Waking up
50The historical development of Zen
51Two models of the universe
52 Session One. Spiritual Authority 79:30
53 Session Seven. An Introduction to Hinduism 79:23
55Is civilization a mistake
56All insides have outsides
57Must we play the game
58The importance of honesty
59Buddhism arrives in China
60The first two Noble Truths
61There are no wrong feelings
62The vocabulary of Zen art
63You as a process
64 Session Ten. Oriental Philosophy in the West, Part Two 69:20
65The role of the guru
66 Session Two. Mysticism and Morality, continued 77:38
67The fourth Noble Truth
68Transience as a mark of spirituality
69A definition of religion
70 Session Nine. The Art of Controlled Accident, Part Two 49:55
71Methods for controlling the mind
72What if we can't improve ourselves?
73How things happen
74Elegance and style
75There is no method
76 Session Fourteen. What Is Reality?
77The "I" as a hallucination
79The world as pattern
80The limits of self-control
81Life as a play
82The different worlds in Hinduism
84The traditional opposition of the flesh and spirit
85The difficulty of understanding anything
86How to contact your higher self
87Remaining human
88Total presence of mind
89The impossibility of winning without loosing
90The stages of human life
91The difficulty of being genuine
92 Session Four. On Zen 74:41
93Bamboozled by thought


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